Floret disposition is close to withdrawn. She doesn’t usually like to communicate with others. I like to be alone. Even when she was in the crowd, it was difficult for her to open the golden mouth. Just silently lowering her head, reading the books she likes to read, or doing what she likes to do. Sometimes, when others take the initiative to talk to her, she always likes to ignore her. The impression is that she is like an’ alien’, and it is very problematic to communicate with her.. Over time, the people around her gradually became her most familiar strangers.     On holidays, floret chose to ” house” herself at home, basically staying indoors. This weekend, Xiao Ping, Xiao Hua’s only close friend, came to her house and knocked at her closed door. Floret is still dressed in pajamas and her hair is disheveled. For a long time, she has been sitting beside the computer, immersed in the virtual world. The whole person is flagging, without the spirits that young girls should have.     Deng Xiaoping saw a friend like this, not some love dearly. As soon as she entered the room, she felt the air inside was dull and damp. She glanced around the room and saw several windows tightly closed. ‘ flower ah, why old closed the window. Open all the windows to let in fresh air. ‘ xiaoping said in a very sincere tone. Floret agreed. As a result, several windows were opened one by one. Instantly, with fresh air, it poured into the house. The wind blows on the face. The spirit of floret is one brace up.     Next, under Deng Xiaoping’s enthusiastic drive, Xiao Hua also opened a chatterbox. A pair of friends, happy. Later, Xiao Hua, driven by Deng Xiaoping, changed his former closed personality, completely integrated into the ocean of life and became one with the people around him..     Yes, opening the room window can promote the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. Open the heart window, can promote the emotional communication between people. Opening windows frequently is undoubtedly a magic weapon for the health of the body and mind..