Dumb grandpa

Hometown is like a distant dream, which haunts me. The rising and falling of the willow flute led me into the magical paradise. The boundless field made me want to lie in its arms and tell it. The long road paved with bluestone made me want to run back and forth on it barefoot..     The warmth of my hometown has almost deprived me of the ability to express my language today. In a foreign land, every bird flying in the sky will always open its eyes and ask if it came from its hometown. When you hear the local accent, you will be excited to run to see if there are any people you know. He is infatuated with the old houses in his hometown and often tries to find the appearance of his hometown from them..     Alone in the middle of the night, I think of the grass and trees in my hometown. I don’t know whether my heart will stay or not. I often cry.. And the most I can’t forget is the dumb grandfather.     He was lonely all his life, one person and one home. His home is separated from mine by seven families. Every day at sunset, he always comes to my house after finishing his work in the field, and calls me with a smile far away.. When I was six years old, I didn’t know what he called me. I wanted to fly over when I saw his smile. His smile is a quiet lake in the dam, spotless; His smile is the tassel on the corn cob, soft and intoxicating. His smile is the wings of a butterfly. His smile is honey brewed by industrious bees, full of alcohol and abundance.     The dumb grandfather is as tall as my ” authentic” grandfather, with a thin face and a small amount of distressed gray hair falling from his ears.. It’s just that my grandfather’s beard is much tougher than the dumb grandfather’s. And the pro – grandpa just loves to use it to mop up my little face, making me dare not to speak angrily and pretending to giggle at him happily..     Dumb grandpa walks like a fly. Sometimes I don’t have to look up and hear footsteps, so I know which grandpa went home. When my close grandfather went to work and couldn’t care for me, he was usually mute grandfather to take charge of my’ activities’.     At that time, the dumb grandfather’s hand always had a magic I didn’t expect. He called me ” ah ah” and I ran to embrace one of his legs and watched curiously in which direction his hand was going to dance. His hand holding his fist was as dazzling as a kaleidoscope, more like the gold-banded cudgel in the hands of Monkey King.. The higher I jump, the higher I imagine holding his hand, and the faster his hand dances. He lifted me up when I was tired of jumping and no longer curious and unhappy about what he had in his hand.. Rotate twice in the air and then put it on his leg, taking out snacks or small toys that have just been changeable in the air..     I ate the candy he peeled patiently and gave him a quick kiss to break his ” field”. He looked at me kindly and smiled, then turned out cookies from behind. I turned around again and rushed back to his arms. He laughed even more happily.. At first he took out only one piece, and I immediately grabbed it and stuffed it into my hand. Bite on a few bites and the broken pieces fall straight down.     He watched me finish eating with one mouthful and looked focused, like admiring his handmade porcelain doll.. When I finished eating and ran away, he stooped down to pick up the leftover biscuits and put them in his mouth to chew slowly. The bending action, gentle, with pity and love, made me unforgettable.     At that time, he only wanted to eat delicious food, but he didn’t know how he got his food and toys.. The dumb grandfather planted his own land only for food, and most of his living expenses were maintained by picking up waste products.. Get up early in the morning every day, in addition to collecting waste products, I also like to clean up garbage everywhere in the village. I don’t know how many times a day. I often see his ash bin full of dirt pulled down by livestock.. He doesn’t like dirty places. He wants to make them beautiful.     My grandfather said that a small amount of food I ate was given to him by others. He didn’t want to eat all for me. Most of them were bought from his own pocket with a small income. I said, I have two grandfathers, so happy. Pro – grandpa said, did you take him seriously? When you grow up, will you be as dutiful to him as your grandfather? I said without thinking, of course, to be as filial as two grandfathers. Ask him why the dumb grandfather was so close to our family. He said that they were brothers in previous lives..     I don’t go to school on holidays. Sometimes I’m not at home, and grandparents don’t have to worry too much. They know that most of them are taken to the mountains or long banks by dumb grandfathers..     Up the hill, he usually takes two shovels. Carrying a bamboo basket. Give me a shovel and dig some wild vegetables, pine mushrooms, flowers and plants.     Pine mushrooms are delicious, but difficult to pick. They are usually hidden under rotten grass leaves and clumps of thistles.If you can find a place, you will find a nest to lift the withered and withered leaves, and those mushrooms will sit there in a short, squat way. Finally, the spring breeze will bring you a face like a drunken imperial concubine, full of beauty and charming drops..     In the hidden corner of the mountain, orchid, moon flower, marigold and other rare flowers are the most dangerous. Light fragrance, lasting fragrance. High, dumb grandpa is not allowed me to climb. I stood at the foot of the mountain, unarmed, watching him turn left and right. I am good at martial arts. The posture of jumping up often scares me in a cold sweat.     He arranged a large number of mountain wild flowers and roadside vines to form a wreath, which he placed on my head and danced to me, happy as a child. Instead, I seriously said to him like an adult, ” Don’t laugh, don’t laugh, embarrassed.”.. ‘ dug some flowers and plants with soil, and shepherd’s purse, mushroom full load. Presumably he was afraid that I would be tired and carried me on his back, carrying a basket in one hand and holding my body in the other, humming songs I couldn’t understand and smelling fragrant all the way.     When she came back, grandma and grandpa were extremely happy. They found three or two broken pots, filled in some wet soil, planted flowers and plants, and put them on the walls to bring many wild scents.. Mushrooms and ground vegetables are just enough for their own consumption, and the rest are all given to the neighbors.     Another favorite place to go is Changdi. The water of the long dike is connected to the Hanjiang River and belongs to the tributary of the Yangtze River. The dike is about 28 meters high. The grass grows on the embankment and herds of cattle and sheep can be seen everywhere. Rows of willows on the bank dance to the wind, like poems and paintings, making people happy without thinking of Shu.     One day after breakfast, I drove four cows to the dike to graze with my mute grandfather. He took the job under his obligation to help those people who are hard-working and can’t afford to be busy.. When they reached the embankment, cattle and sheep were thrown along with the nature and allowed to eat grass freely, while cattle herders were mostly at ease in the shade.. Cows generally like to eat grass in the middle of the river bank, where few people set foot on it, so it is long and tender.     At that time, I watched many martial arts movies and always liked to dance with a wooden stick. I learned the martial arts expert in the movie to ” climb the eaves and walk the wall” on the high wall and dare to jump without blinking. If it weren’t for being seen by adults in time, they would have nearly broken their legs several times.     This time I want to try my hand again. The cow ate grass all the way across the street, and I chose a seemingly gentle cow to jump on its back while the dumb grandfather didn’t pay attention to it.. Raise your whip and start using it as a steed, hitting its belly with your feet like drums.. I couldn’t help shouting at the thought of the soaring ambition of longitudinal horse galloping. Horse, horse, run quickly! It only eats its grass and doesn’t listen to me at all. So I grabbed its hair with all my strength, beating and tearing it, and it never moved. Hate me to gnash my teeth. At this moment, the other side made a few long calls, and three bulls came running from ten feet away. The cow I rode looked at ran to them like crazy.. At a loss, he immediately grabbed some long bristles and did not respond. He heard the voice of an uncle on the dike like Wan Ma Benteng: ” Be careful.”! Be careful! ‘ finished, finished …’ I emptied and fell from the cow’s back in the’ finished, finished’ thrilling sound, then rolled many more and rolled to a flat slope before being able to stand still.. ‘ Yi Yi, alas, ah . ” Mute grandfather shouted, shouted and gesticulated at the top of his voice.. Pale, cloudy tears streaming down his eyes. Only feel pain unbearable, I passed out.     I don’t know how long I slept and woke up to find myself still there. In front of him stood the whole family, each with a painful expression and an infinite sense of glory.. Even if you break your leg, it’s worth it. My mother sobbed and said, Baby, if you have a short and long life, my mother doesn’t want to live.. I deliberately turned my face to one place and ignored any of them. Grandma kept on asking me whether it hurt, whether it hurt, whether it hurt or not.. I said, no pain. Force yourself to laugh at them. The more I laugh at my mother and grandma, the more I cry loudly, like a crybaby. Maybe mom couldn’t help it, so she ran downstairs with dad to secretly cry.     In the afternoon, my mother asked the mute grandfather to eat, but he did not. It’s like punishing yourself for doing something wrong. Late at night, my mother asked my dumb grandfather and grandparents to go home and rest, but my dumb grandfather couldn’t even pull it away.Pull him, he pointed to me and insisted on being with me. Mom and dad couldn’t. They brought a bowl of noodles from outside and asked him to eat them. He only drank a few saliva. He was sad and couldn’t eat them..     I slept on the bed, he sat on the stool beside the bed, going back and forth, getting up and looking at my legs on the splint, and then coming to see if I was asleep, swinging all night..     The doctor said that the problem was not serious, but luckily the child was easy to recover from his childhood. I’m afraid if he fell down at the height of an older person, he would not have died and would also have suffered a comminuted fracture..     The next day, my grandparents came to change their parents and went back to rest. Mom and dad asked grandpa dumb to go home together. he still pointed to me and refused to go. So he had to call the doctor to speak out to him personally, gesticulating that I was okay, and then he left safely..     Those days his fields had no intention of taking care of them, and he came to the hospital every day to send orchids collected on his mountain and feed his chicken soup for me with tears in his eyes.. It’s about six miles from home to the hospital. He was afraid of cold soup and did not have a thermos bottle. He wrapped the whole jar in a cotton-padded jacket and brought it up together..     It was his blessing that I could eat and drink. Happy smile on his face, pour a bit sour, see I want to cry.     A month later, I was discharged from the hospital and was able to jump around again. But he dared not take me out again. Sometimes he amuses children in the neighborhood and also gives them snacks and toys to play with. However, the adults in the neighbor’s family did not allow him to touch the children for fear that he would teach them to stutter. As long as you see him close to the children, high-handed immediately led the children away.     At that time, his eyes were glazed with disappointment.. Poor grandpa, can’t speak but can’t hurt others. Good grandpa, only thinking about others, never thinking about the prosperity of the world.     After graduating from primary school, my father moved to work. My parents and I were moved to another city. Grandpa and grandma still live in the country, and since then I have left the dumb grandpa for a long time.. I didn’t go to say goodbye to him when I left.     When I was eleven years old, snowflakes fell all over the sky. There was news of the dumb grandfather’s death. He was found dead for three days. For a long time, I fell into infinite guilt and pain.     For his love, I enjoyed it greedily since I was a child and never seriously thought about how to give back it. So that when I grew up, I didn’t have time to repay. Even the Spring Festival did not return home to see him once. I was rude to him. This is me. When I was a child, I vowed to be filial to him..     Snowflakes flooded him, and the world was cold to him. Even before he left, no one could come to his side and care for him and give him a drink of water. His bitterness, his loneliness, his love for the world are all his own.     Hometown is a dream, clear. And the protagonist of this dream is always him, mute grandpa.