ATFX: EU issued a list of the US retaliatory tariffs, open global trade war

  Today's News: American former FBI deputy director McCabe was expelled from the European Union to the United States released a list of retaliatory tariffs on goods the United Kingdom and the European Union reached this week, or "temporary" off the end of the Russian-European agreement excessive presidential election, Putin easily won% support re-elected Australia and ASEAN "special summit" held in Sydney Trump government or prohibited transaction data Venezuelan oil money today: Japan in February is not seasonally adjusted merchandise trade account (billion) zone 1 seasonally adjusted trade balance (million) Italy January trade account (one hundred million euros) announced in March monetary policy committee meeting summary of the comments。
  Hot events in British retreat Europe and Trump elected by the market interpreted as a turning point for global cooperation towards a trade war。
For now, the tariff game intensified, the United States and non-OPEC countries announced the increase, Britain and Russia each expelled diplomats, have confirmed that view。 However, there are evidence to the contrary, countries around the world inflation rate of recovery, falling unemployment, GDP growth stabilized, the data point of view, the global economy is in a good recovery among。 From the author's point of view, because of the anti-American trade war and continue to decline, other countries will continue recovery。
  Today's hot varieties: the weekly chart technical point of view, still continue to fall, but the weekly level rising channel very obvious, and US technology stocks, such as: Apple, Google, Amazon and other signs of declining performance has not yet appeared, it still gives operation of the proposed bargain hunters。   Japan's economic data interpretation scarce resources, the overall trade deficit in the state, needs to import other countries' goods to meet domestic demand。
The announcement of the February trade balance seasonally adjusted data impact is not large, so the general concern to。
  Eurozone trade surplus in 2013 into the overall channel performance by signs of economic recovery after the debt crisis。 The 1 after seasonally adjusted trade balance is expected to still be positive and essentially flat with the previous increase。   Italy is part of the euro zone, its trade performance to do general concern。   The above analysis only represents the analyst's views, foreign exchange risk, investors need to be cautious (provided by the above analysis ATFX Group senior analyst Dean。 ATFX will not directly or indirectly from the use or reliance on this information and may be responsible for profit and loss arising from any) ATFX 2018 Nian 3 Yue 19 Ri。