Peking Opera: play good character is just so good otherwise lively surface

  Many people have a misunderstanding of Qipai that "dumb voice" is Qipai features, only "dumb voice" in order to promote the good image Qipai。
But it is not。
Mr. Zhou Xinfang also attaches great importance to and appreciate good voice, his voice is dumb as a living force: it was out of consideration for the entire troupe livelihoods, changing period also had a good rest, so down the throat。
Later, Mr. Zhou Xinfang continue to hone adjustment, but form their own unique tune。
Today, some students want to learn Qipai deliberately hoarsely singing, and even would have been a good voice also deliberately pressing simmering fresh made hoarse throat, these are wrong。
A genre of its own characteristics or, by means of the traditional performance practices both mean change in innovative, anyone learn Qipai also have their own conditions, mastery, as I used。
  Show relatively large margin, obvious body movements, strong sense of rhythm, these are Qipai characteristics, but also Qipai play "nice" place。 More importantly, all the "nice" is used to reflect the characters' inner。
Whatever the genre, in the final analysis for the characters to service, only grasp the character, the characterization in place, "nice" is really "good", or just a lively surface。
Shanghai Peking Opera Theater new history play "success or failure Xiao He" has been loved by the audience。
Liu also speak, Xiao, Han Xin stories of these three characters, totally different from the old movie "chasing Han Xin Xiao He next month."。
If the "chase Han Xin Xiao next month," Xiao needs to show "Qianjun easy to get, one will be hard to find" eager to love, then the "success or failure Xiao He" in Xiao state of mind is much more complex。
As libretto written: "Ten years ago the lower phase-month chase, the chase was; years later months to recover the lower phase, to Zhuiming。 "Resentment, grievances, but unfortunately, it is with such a complex and torment of mind, Xiao Han catch up after a full white beard and hair, 'I chew the root, could not stop stumbled, rolling in too many cases'。
  Concrete figures to show the delicate V to all burning anxious, I resorted to a series of external action。 On the stage, Xiao has been increasingly step forward, both performance horseshoe sound endless, the characters also externalization hesitant to stop ambivalence Lema。
He saw Shen Jian, and even want to jump off a life, but suddenly, ears saying: "Do you order Han, Han country not yet?"Yes ah, Liu old, Prince is still small, if Han Janus-faced, bitter is the world common。
So he mounted up and turned three, a turn sleeves, sub whip, followed by increasingly small step, a Le, a debut: "Han towards wow, I carry the white banner from the sky for you, forever sorrow!"Although kill Han will leave infamy, but as Han, I am willing to bear。
When the actor's internal psychology there, he will be able to pass its outer of the show, the audience will naturally be able to understand the psychological processes of characters。
  Some actors sing very well, but why not watching the fun of it?Because the performance is not enough。
Expressive enough, the actor's inner experience can not be effectively communicated through external action to the audience。 Like the old saying, "a play that the face, a look of the play lies in the eye," although I am not the eye, but the time demands on themselves to be like a spotlight, carrying Manner。 As an actor, you want to infect the audience, you must first infect yourself。 Peking Opera There are three words: no skill is not surprising, heartless not moving, no drama dissatisfied people。 I am deeply contingent。
"Burial song" Finally there is a "wrestling zombie" action, every time I play here will lead to many applauded。
Opera requires excellent skills, but skills must play services, whether or somersault Guns N 'Roses, to be full of emotion rather than show off, otherwise no different and juggling。
Qipai exquisite passion for performing, but that does not mean blindly grimace, shakes thrown Rankou, this passion must be level, rhythmic show: When convergence, when the humor, when cool, will erupt, need for the performance of rich characters inner feelings service。
  Opera is the art of "corner children" in。
Here the "corner children" refers not only to the individual actors, but also represent the actor to show character。
After all, the core play "People" is the drama of the Performing Arts。
  (Interview by this reporter Renfei Fan) Chen Shaoyun, born in 1948 in Hunan, famous Qipai older students, the national level actors, Drama Plum Blossom Award, Wenhua Performance Award, Shanghai Magnolia Theater Performing Arts Award winner。
Representative works: "Prime Minister Humpbacked Liu", "Xiao success", "burial song", "狸猫换太子" etc.。