99% of women would ignore the problem!Water and milk useless right, the whole skin care

99% of women would ignore the problem!Water and milk useless right, skincare vain!Water and milk with everyone but not everyone knows how to use his face like rubbing directly?Of course not ah water you use milk not have the effect of how to use, how much emphasis has! 1, the wiping method lotion on a cotton pad and allowed to fully absorb outwardly along the skin texture of the wipe so as not pull the skin excessively fine lines appeared Method 2 first beat down lotion on a cotton pad with a beat the way, the lotion-coated full pat all parts of the face to help absorption method of lotion on the face, but also to choose the right product today to choose the year’s most popular canteen water and milk TOP essence Jono doctors rarely advertise the brand was able to survive the visible effect is really unusual ah this bottle of triple convergence of water can justifiably claim they headed home COSME product on the list is mainly to solve the annoying blackheads and coarse pore cleansing moisturizing convergence but not bad focuses on the effectiveness of its close pores started rinsing several times will find that the pores really instantly becomes small pores are big sister of the gospel course is best to stick two bottles blowing shells can break above zero pores of the skin visible effect is not so strong the water of alcohol is very suitable for fragile skin and want to close the pores sister [press the following two-dimensional code, a cost-effective super Buy Now] High Whitening Essence particularly like the taste of fresh lemon flavor is pleasant ductility, excellent penetration are not immediately absorbed on how massage aimed at local spots, acne once every 20 days to have a uniform color clearly feeling the effect of improving its new smallpox in India after the most effective with the new smallpox in India will soon begin to fade due to dull often stay up late there is a certain improvement in the past, after staying up late the morning will be particularly yellow face with this essence after feeling the whole face of the translucent fine pores are a lot of summary is a start value too high price beauty essence [press the following two-dimensional code, buy now] as Innisfree main star of this product is the most full Korean girls favorite moisturizer single product three seconds replenishment do not call them was named NO.1 green tea extract moisture inside organic green tea seeds from Jeju completely organic farmland out of cultivation absolutely transparent skin from the inside to the external aqueous emulsion texture toot, there is a faint aroma wiping his face instantly absorbed by the skin without feeling greasy obvious a few seconds to drink enough water replenishment artifact called absolute press [two-dimensional code below Buy Now] this water suitable for mixed, oily and acne skin oil control, shrink pores, reduce acne and swordsmen astringent use do have some moisturizing effect is recommended before and after shot point Toner after all, it is part of restraining water containing a little alcohol suitable for convergence is not suitable for use in place of lotion pink silty liquid belong to a little bit sticky Calian very fresh feeling very comfortable on long press the [two-dimensional code below Buy Now]