Zhejiang mustard how to do nutrition mustard

Zhejiang mustard how to do believe've been friends all know Zhejiang, Zhejiang mustard is delicious, and elsewhere because it is not the same, then how do together the mustard, Zhejiang and small series to see how the introduction of Zhejiang mustard to do it!Zhejiang mustard how to do Ingredients: mustard right amount of seasoning: the amount of salt, pepper amount, the amount of powder, the right amount.1.Choice of materials should be high-quality fresh mustard tender quality, round, solid, fine roots, without scraping the entire dish-shaped。 Mustard usually begins bolting, but long moss harvested preferably 3 cm or less。
Mustard after harvest must be processed in a timely manner。
2.In the first step dish over pickled vegetables first step, because the fresh vegetables tender crisp, must tread lightly, riding ground, until the dish becomes dark green, salt dissolves so far。 Second and third courses were depression at the circumference, and two pickled。
You should stomping, fierce riding, riding through the dish, otherwise the juice discharge chimney is quite difficult, because moisture will eventually too high。 Affect the quality of mustard, even spoilage。 3.Row halogen Zhejiang Zhejiang mustard mustard how to do that have adopted dehydration salt, brine solution mainly in the store and on pressing one operation。 Store the first channel is preserved at about 48 hours。 High temperatures may be appropriate in advance, but not less than 36 hours, and low temperatures are not more than 72 hours。 When the store after washing dishes in the original block into the store fishing halides, to do washing edge, the edge of the store, while pedaling, the pedaling through pedaling tight layers, and pressurized stone。
After that the weight of mustard store 50 is the original weight?54%, should be low not high。