A space of exchange students

Today, I give three (22) in the class of “puppy package brother” a lesson in class process went smoothly, students learn every step of progress by the teacher preset.When I give the students some time to allow them to discuss and exchange, “Ba Jin old man’s remorse and repentance give us what kind of enlightenment,” this issue.Discussion after the end of the exchange, when I let the students speak their minds, Chi Cheung Yun students this way: “I think each of our individual behavior is the moment to be responsible, to take place before their evil with strangling his evil conscience, do not let it happen, so we have fewer lives will be some regrets, less tragedy.When a person’s behavior has caused to others on this social harm, then repentance, hate, admit and correct, I think that human behavior should be affirmed, but after all, some mistakes can make and save, but some are irreparable and save the So I think that a person’s behavior must be responsible for the moment. “.    His answer students discuss and exchange ideas more slid a layer.I share the process with the students, the students say is more: To learn the old Ba Jin courage to admit mistakes, the courage to dare to expose wrong; Ba Jin old man’s behavior evokes conscience, goodness and conscience; let’s old Ba Jin remember history, not to repeat mistakes.Just a lot of students to express their views down the idea of the text, so his perspective to it for lack of novelty.However, Yun Chi Cheung was reverse thinking, put our minds to think the introduction of another point of view, I applaud him!    I always feel that the new curriculum requirements of the classroom to the students, so that students learn how to learn, can be a lot of time to think too naive students, especially for students with learning difficulties, it is not a thorough look at the issue, not thinking to achieve the desired height.So, I often eager to show the text of the thoughts of the characters, spiritual quality, prematurely taught to students so that students are forced to accept,.Therefore, text text and students did not have much resonance.So, I often think, generate effective classroom language really wants us and really get down to research students, research texts, we must allow students to text their own interpretation, perception charm of the text, rather than what the teacher said yes, parrot!    This lesson I actually see the students’ ideological spark flashes we saw them not to explore the potential.I often anxious, inadequate guidance to the students, for whom the expectations are not high, so I really would not be able to change their way of teaching, I have to change the!