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Part one: Autumn Sound dear, when you come back?  This year’s fall arrived late, too late!I’ll give you certain you and your favorite favorite.But it is not as we expected as promised.As far away as I can not hide all the pain it townships, can not send you your favorite gift.Only this night with my heart I bring best wishes for you.  Intermittent light rain, go with the hot summer, but how can not afford to rush my heart trauma.Though I know I’m not your ultimate rely on, but you are my only life.  Autumn rain, always sad, always can not sleep in the silence of the night.Dripping rain indiscriminately beating the window, but my mind was involuntarily added a tinge of sadness.Trance, I saw your sad and helpless on the world from your eyes.  So I put the pen to save time in history, in that white paper, the first person to record my miss to you; use the second person to describe your voice and facial expression; open that we can not achieve long desire to use the third person.  I have written that we love small folded paper boat and let it always record our start.While it will not take too much to carry us warmth, but I would like to go in our first started writing, it spend that boundless sea, to tell you the results of our last.  Beautiful scenery for people who are always very short, it may be for the season, it was never yellow, it belongs to season.Like you told me, you will always be in my heart the most beautiful, but also my forever erase the wounds.    Part II: Autumn Sound perception days of summer has faded, pre-dawn pleasant dream, awning on a dull “tick” awakens me.I erect surprised: What is that sound?It rain?Moon out of the window frost, there is no sign of rain; it is draining drying clothes?It seems a little early.I went to the window to look, outdoor uninhabited, flame lights shining into a piece of deserted Jiequ, flickering shadows of buildings, such as the silent castle, showing the level of scattered silhouette in the bright starlight.Upstairs window sill vigorous people stuck loud potted foliage, but this time the condensate remaining motionless, thin Mu bath cool moist air.I understand that if you want to like, foliage cold condensation dew drop quietly, as they heard “tick” is like a heavy sigh, to convey the sad news of Aiwan.Oh!This is the fall of tears, a pre-concert music in the endless cycle of decline in.  ”When a man is like autumn also, the color bleak, smoke Fei cloud convergence, the gas Li Lie, musculoskeletal acupuncture people, so it is also sound, desolately honestly, anger callsign hair, brush grass and pale, was of wood The leaves off.So who scattered destroy its defeat, is more than a stretch of strong.”Ouyang public description of the wonderful subtle sounds of autumn, Needless to say over and then the personnel turnover, through the ages for a reason, ‘was excessive and when to kill’, seasonal arrangements independent of man’s will.The arrival of autumn is like life four years old, just like the life of a watershed season.Fourth decade, we still stepping on the spring finish, cursing sultry summer, looking forward to a proper season, he knew Shaohua gone, the old man of.Weekdays chaos to survive, make no use of the sun and moon, as in, not to dash; not as of, a lot of nonsense.Until the time come to their senses, want to start all over again, to retrieve the years, is running out.Black hair roots, sadly haggard; Guyingzilian, superimposed autumn machine “which is intended to depression, loneliness mountains” feel grief, tears.Sauna net then a friend Lament: a man of forty, if nothing, it could become.Education ten years, twenty years of social experience, did the whole movement to the point, do not embarrass yourself.Of course, there are unpromising unpromising living law: good absorption of two small cigarette smoke, but good microphone two small wine, fun to play two low cards, lecherous look at two small dishes.Lower target, settle the mind, the days are still able to live in comfort.  Words have certainly more fans, because it is a comfort for the alleys, how I hear there is a feeling of cold sweat Qin back?”Gu Wei ants generation, but self-seeking its hole, Hu Mu large whales, the proposed Yan Ming Bo Noir.”Quotes of the great poet to borrow, is just such a mentality portrayal.However, the advent of autumn, the summer has passed away, days of high air is crisp, clear and bright landscape, “Mao Feng green grass adorned and fight, but can jackwood verdant pleasure”, Fruitful, it is a last-ditch everything, and eventually became immortal good time.  The course of four decades of ups and downs, high mountains, along the way, setbacks harvest experience, mature consciousness of knowledge, generally fixed coordinate life, career block diagram shown signs of clues, how can we give up the struggle, Qianzong go into hiding, Kan commonplace?  Dawn dawn broke free of the shackles of jumping out of the earth bright and glossy.Drove the outskirts of flowers lined the streets, Hedao creamy; weeds down dew, Qiuchong chirp; snail sneak bow, looked up into the array fleeting.It was equally important, actually significant colorful.Mild-mannered fellow, how can you perplexed?But in the repair of mind, right from wrong, beautiful from Xing, excluding fame, emotional sense of heaven and earth, the Spring and Autumn write articles, like this living law, is not also very beautiful okay?    Part Three: Autumn Sound whisper Autumn is a dream return to swim, thinking of flying season.How many men of letters Su Xing Nan Xiao prompting night, the temptation to how many people with lofty ideals long-term perspective, strong back Baidu; attract a lot of heroes emotion events, tragic cool autumn.”Autumn overcast lingers cream fly late, stay withered lotus Machines sound”.This is the sentiment of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu autumn.Autumn splash, sentimental sigh, hit the ground, the pressure in everyone’s heart.  Ordered day, four seasons are different, yin and yang justified.Summer positive numbers, airlift was awake, vigorous, warm waves; winter the number of female, was quiet quiet, branches yellow leaves, bone cold soaked, cold winter pregnant.Autumn wind Buddha, all refused to concede defeat, gradually withered yellow day.A kind of “Kanai Indus autumn yellow, cream the night comes through the curtain does not roll, smoked cage-free color jade pillow, lying to listen to the Qing palace long drain” of deep sigh!Come as silent, no time to prepare.”How much green charge Xiang Yi hate, a time to look back back west wind,” and reluctantly walked into a bleak and desolate world.  Kazamaki residual Lu, rain sent wandering, flowers silent tears.Gradual loss of landscape, withered miserable sparse, sunsets, poignant and tragic composition, written in the earth, sing Zhuanghuai agitation, anxiety when not wait for my song Anger.Concerned tears lavished vast, filled with love sent back.”Near the autumn sky, earth shadow clear” sad thoughts by the students, however.”Long Imperata wind, wild fire blight Sang” strong northwest wind destroy Dracula mortal, like the sharp sword waving to earth.Night frost all over the floor, leaves drifted away, Greenfield sound waves emergency!Eyeful sadness hate, midnight dream Lethal.”Autumn Spring Night wins moonlight night, thousands of miles frosty quiet solitude”.A miserable miserable landscape painting heart attack.  ”Sky was clear, monopoly south flying geese,” the voice of the fall from the sky to the ground, strolled into people’s hearts, but a heavy shot from the eyes, the world knows where his tragic Feelings.”No Jun asked return date period, Evening Rain up autumn pool” think of a rainy night to send the picture, quietly sent from the poet’s heart, through the rain, looking forward to flying to the human side.”Victoria September, the sequence is a Sanqiu” when the “tree autumn sound, color Cold Mountain”, has come to the autumn season.”Falling clouds and lonely greedy flying together, relaxed and a total length of sky color” written on the beauty of autumn in the desolate and optimize new elegant quiet, mournful feeling of winter is thick and bold simplicity of the retired.A new hope born out.  ”Qutang mouth Qujiang head, thousands of miles then Su Qiu Wind and Smoke” fall like a simple village women capable of, when he inadvertently walked into the poet’s vision.Openly, showing the natural beauty of simplicity.Near and look, his face grief, misfortune, tragic life experience.Kind of people feel tied to vain words, sad thoughts from the heart.”Takatori Huang evening, chilling Bishu Autumn”.We seem to hear the cicadas winded speech, sad and helpless, despite cold wash, cold cream covering.White clouds and surrounded by greenery has given way to twilight, chilling eyes can only hope the moon.  Autumn sparse sigh, since ancient times, seems to always be tragic triumph.The natural scenery of the human spirit into the field, showing the helpless desolation.”Autumn wind blows cold weather, vegetation exposed to shake off the frost.”.This is the description of the fall of the Han dynasty.As simple and natural, calm the mind and nature blend in.In-ho if the smoke left in the sea, I like Tao Yuanming description of the fall of the “Lotus dew drops, willow mid-Shu”.Autumn mood ready to come.Now just Bailu, “last night westerly withered Bishu, the tower alone, Wang Jin Tianya road”.  ”Vegetation ruthless, sometimes wandering.Human animal, but was Spirit “.Seasons orderly, rule-world.We follow the laws of nature pace to run with the calm attitude to face all the desolation of natural phenomena, with the optimistic spirit of inclusiveness and unfortunate vicissitudes of life, so that self-confidence through the fall and winter to meet the arrival of spring!    Part Four: Autumn Sound and smell fast, like Mercedes-Benz Jun Ma, let go of hooves galloping in the vast expanse of grasslands, race, and a whirlwind, the cycle of seasons again fall to my eyes, as if woke up, golden color has Ruran eyes.Such a fast pace makes you a bit confused, or ancient one to fall on compassion, by the King broken-hearted it.  Pi swaying in the autumn, when the roots of the hair miss the long-awaited “autumn wind blows cold weather, vegetation exposed to shake off the frost, group Yan resigned go wild Nanxiang, read-Jun-off tour thinking heartbroken.”Sentimental sigh; Ouyang Xiu’s” Poem of Autumn Sound “in the” brush grass and discoloration, while the leaves were off the trees; it therefore destroy those who defeated scattered, apart from which it is a stretch strong.”Helpless lost, greatly exaggerated the bleak chill of autumn Sadness.  There alien living overseas, career frustrations of Demotion, as well as farmers harvest hopeless, that they are driven to distraction sad thoughts filled with pathos.  Fall for them, not a poetic and romantic, but life is old age elegy.  However, given the fall colors of the earth, not so dark gloomy, it is bright face more elegant.Poet Liu Yuxi “Autumn words” “Since ancient times, sad solitude every fall, my word autumn wins spring.The skies Yihe row of clouds, lead to poetry to the Bi Xiao.”Out of the Autumn sentimental, he praised the autumn splendor, to sing the song inspirational high-spirited strenuous one.  Of a modern writer Jun Qing “Autumn Fu”, is swept away literati decadent state of autumn, autumn contrast to the more colorful.  Yes ah, the fall is not as terrible tragic literary description, it has a short wither, it can give people joy, ease and satisfaction, more bright.Like anything that is not always flawless, like, why should I care about it less than it.  In fact, the spring in the north end of the quarter just a short, its performance is not so outstanding, until May heater before people unload heavy clothes, green was rolled out across the bare rocks, it’s more of Rhyme just hope and goodness, and not as rich autumn colors.  Do not go empty unsatisfactory perfect hair sigh of years, the ups and downs of vegetation is the law of nature, the conversion of the season is the arrangement of God, like the Chinese part of history, and the long period of division, and long time to divide the same, but every era has a vigorous vitality, it has its most magnificent life.  I love this fall.  Autumn is presented to the person of endless mottled, more gorgeous.It is not only the lush green fields of spring, spring yet charming; there are high-spirited summer vigorous momentum, do not lose green summer; more of their own characteristics, it is not gaudy charm monster, it is full but not dry.  Autumn is generous, it soaked the whole season full and rich, with its heavy harvest to freehand people smile, brush it with gold to outline a beautiful picture, with its vast mind to fill people’s reveries.  Autumn is the atmosphere, it does not want to retain the aura years with arm.It is not obsessed with the existing color, it knows to give up, the bleak bleak, the withered withered, why not grabs some favorite things do not let go of it.  Autumn covered with rich fruit, red apples shy with his beautiful, golden rice released into the atmosphere with their fragrance, heavy corn opened his charming smile.  Autumn sky is vast, it is with an open mind to the blue sky, white clouds install it with lofty eyes open to block the sight of clouds and rain, heartily express gone reveries.  Autumn tirelessly with its brush to write ah, ah description, the accumulation of the feelings of all three seasons enjoy writing on his canvas, red, green, blue, white.Make this season the best picture painted.Fragrant leaves make it a million Eagles storied dye; it makes full use Jiuzhaigou Autumn Wood brilliance, color-clear water, beautiful world.”Parking Fenglin love to sit late, Leaves red flowers in February.”This strong verse add to the splendor of autumn.  This autumn love it!It is a wise scholar, full of the rich philosophical articles filled its pages, waiting for you to come in, go read what, to savor, to discover.