Autumn sun is missing

Every time I walk in every corner of the West Lake, calm, serene, and the patchwork of every court and Stone Bridge Court.Willow long branches down to the lake swaying, like a voluptuous young woman stroked own flowing hair, Hudi those three thousand three hundred twenty-two go hand in hand shore of elderly couples or old people, or on the road chair sweet release.The sparrow on the ground and people are very close by, I always looked cheerful also thinking, if their home can be so close to the people and birds like.Hometown of birds are afraid of people, without you near panic they flew away, this may be a long-term geographical and human environment in which it caused.    But here all year round really has its unique beauty, I do not know what everyone who, like me, my heart is walking with the thought that maybe they just want to ease the boredom that usually go to work and unpleasant mood.There are a variety of holding the idea of people come here, that’s it, every moment, and over the shoulder Sassafras, hurriedly leave a shadow or something, smile for each other make a road.Is such never met, but that the crowd inside one of the edge.Passing, owned by people who can define life in this scene it?    My hometown in Guizhou, where I want to go there day and night, and relatives and friends, and many, many fond memories.To be honest, one can only rely on your own to learn to pick up knowledge of the city, even bitter reality of life and oppressed you, cheat you suddenly look to tomorrow, you have to smile, to sing songs of life.Maybe I’m not a person praise nor optimism in one, but every day, I’m always thinking of me every day how to spend, it may not be so persistent and brave.Sometimes, that is, for that thirty percent of my favorite things to do with those things you do not want and do not like to do 70 percent of habit instead of saying the same mistakes.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) so when I want to relax most of the intense pace of life, a place they want to go, stay away of a journey, marked backpack, one day, an hour, even a quarter of an hour as long as the desire to walk in the footsteps of energy on the way, I will feel even feel warm in autumn.The scenery outside the window has been in retreat, fuzzy, I was the last day of a long one, so the moment you think.It flows away behind you, flowing into the mist and lost in the dark, and then import the forgotten patch of forest, I admit that I was just passing through on the way.    Quiet when the night sky was the brightest star that I could hear people ah moment of day and night sky without a cloud of white birds after no trace of my thoughts but also across I come back I hope family and friends By that time I had not owned by people just passing through a autumn sunshine, I think the time will not feel cold smile and think the sun is shining in my heart, I understand that it is missing.