Autumn thinking

It is a quiet night! Also a sleepless night! Four weeks surprisingly quiet, only water, moon lyrical floating down in this wonderful world, as if to tell the world of bits and pieces.Oh, also a titillating autumn!My heart as if in the same magic, can not help with some mysterious power floating around, like a broken kite line, no clear objectives. Autumn wind, no cold nor hot, but kind of sad thoughts as empty pain, had to lament, “Sharen autumn autumn autumn”.From the innocence of childhood to youth time feeling of sadness pull off, around less and less familiar silhouette, howling in the autumn, I experience the wind in a person independent of loneliness and desolation.Because the young, no one else can we face in the crowd laughing; because young, we can Baxianguohai to show their skills on a colorful stage.It seems we always optimist singer, song and laughter in addition to, or rhetoric, and always without a hint of trouble.Indeed, beneath a large crowd, we do not distress, only boiling blood young age and never make endless momentum.à quiet until late at night, we suddenly found that: pure happiness has gradually gone.But we are still reluctant to do what?Nostalgia is a glass of wine collection, people food for thought, I often revel.However, they recovered, I think the reality is so cruel, is it I was born to be cranky to stifle this wonderful life?No, I can not, I can not fall into self-knot woven network of bitter, long time can not get relief.The blind regain dusty memories, will only make people more callous, how can I indulge in fantasies Xumiao? One day the dream back to reality, the reality is that no matter how incomplete manner, we are the true feeling.Often wake up, we will find: colorful life like a bright star, as long as we carefully sentiment, will admire wonderful journey of life.