Autumn travel

A long time did not go out the window scenery trip.Choose a sunny weekend, back simple luggage, bring a long absence, mood, starting toward the depths of nature.Buy a seat ticket ordinary cars, although there are high-speed rail and motor car can reach the fastest speed.I stubbornly believe that these high speed along the process less of the window and watch the scenery.Whiz, later, do not have to know where to pass by the roadside and what’s.  According to tickets find their place to sit down, next to two farmers talking this year’s harvest and the ground who work income.Their skin was tan, engraved with the years of deep scar on his forehead.I sat next to grind farmers cuff has a burr in my opinion was exceptionally gracious, I think far away in the home of his father, the rough hand, that frayed cuffs, showing the hardships and simple farmers.Opposite me was a delicate gentle boy, with a somewhat shy and looked at me, then suddenly remembered that just graduated and started his social with ignorant tense mood of their own.  Harmonious atmosphere throughout the cabin.At noon on the car, the car warm, the sun was shining, lazily lying on the table, look out the window fleeting patches of tangled leaves of the trees next to the.The ancients eyes are bleak autumn, and now has become a bit gorgeous.Patches of green, little red, white clusters of the fall is the most vivid colors, think of Chuang Tzu’s words, “Heaven and earth have great beauty and silence,” Yes, this world’s most beautiful nature presents to us than scenery.  My whole heart have given the scenery, eyes wide open, I do not want to miss a beauty and wonder of nature ‘.Blue sky, the leaves of gorgeous.In the window flashed, turned into the passing scenery.  Gradually showing the decline of the posture of the piece of poplar accidentally broke into the eyes, tell the world has been somewhat desolate.Occasional road train twelve persimmon tree, holding a small lantern, to bring you the slightest surprise.If large tracts of open land, buildings will be erected, pierce the sky, forming a residential area of the village.  Slightly flat terrain, there will be a small factory lying there quietly, always seize the opportunity to show the human transformation of nature.Some of these blocked my eyes naturally look for pure Chol.I looked around, there are large tracts of farmland are far from well-organized care, Barley has been unearthed in the most desolate reveal the vitality of color.Not far from bright yellow to dry the corn on farmers small courtyard roof and green side by side, it is truly dazzling and vivid, I can not withstand the temptation, more than glances.    Dutch find not encountered this way, I have been looking for and that Kingston Mizusawa standing lotus.After driving the car for two hours, finally appeared in front of a swamp, if the water green emerald, center stands a rugged rockery.Just staring and did not find nowhere in charge, in my mind ditan, this trip is probably hard to find fragrant shadow.  Car to Weifang area, the conductor received a phone call, I looked up and saw the conductor pale skin, which is very young, where sweet ramble.I was reminded of Tie Ning ” Oh, Hornsey!”When the train pulled into the backward little village, village girls competing looking up at the conductor from the city, at that moment, the train communication to the outside world, but also to the girl in the mountains for the first time with the outside world staring window.Suddenly very envious of the novel of Hornsey, with a look of innocence to the world.  Sound conductor stops in front of my thoughts back to the original density has come to, oh, I was moved from the bottom of my heart, Nobel laureate Mo Yan is not here, what.I looked around, I was the only one excited about the whole cabin is very quiet, I asked the people around, they showed indifferent, continued until the topic, I have actually some fuss.I repressed the kind of excitement a bit, asking people from the surrounding news about Mo Yan, a girl told me that he pulled two million sponsorship planting sorghum in Gaomi.As for the book girl read some of Mo Yan said, before reading.China’s Herd and cultural hot at the moment seems to be a lot calmer.Yes, Chinese people became calm and steady in constant communication with the world.  Although this trip to find the charge had not been encountered, but also to find a mind —- Institute of peace and tranquility in the restless.Music accompanied all the way eager for the scenery, a little tired, rest lying on the table for some time.Open your eyes, sit next to the two farmers already get off the car and some empty, I was able to sit down at the position closest to the window.  He took out his mobile looked at the time, half past three pm.Not earlier, not later afternoon tea time, the train sounded moderator pleasant voice, “Chinese music has been the emergence of a number of classic songs, so we sipped tea, jointly review in this somewhat lazy afternoon, was a classic.Here we are about to hear is Tiger Huang’s few songs, I hope you like.”Tiger Huang radio came a deep voice slightly hoarse, accompanied by warm sun outside the window, so I think this afternoon extra ease of mind.Choose a window I love traveling position, while enjoying the scenery, while quietly listening to the radio music, every trip, make me collect the beauty of nature and touched the hearts of The Sound of Music.Tiger Huang first met to hear the song, “not so simple”, “not so simple to find a partner to talk to, especially in’ve seen so much betrayal / had always disturbed tough romantic who murdered my / No so simple you can not see the whole love anything might become real good maybe each half / do not like to be alone a long time also bad habits do not have to worry about anyone whom pipe / feel happiness is busy busy east west feel tired I’d own. ” sing the song of the modern inner anguish alone, quietly listening to particularly impress people, had been home to the deepest himself in a lonely hearts.I do not know why listening to Tiger Huang reminds me of Teresa Teng’s “Small Town Story”, “multi-story town full of joy and happy / If you come to town particularly large harvest / looks like a painting like listening to a song / sing a say say / town really good story / invite your friends together / town to be our guest / sublime realm of life we have included a miracle of music “when Teresa sang with graceful style popular north and south, take the tour around the world, become.But so many women but only in the most glorious cause certain death, injury can Alas!Although the man is gone, but singing forever echo in the hearts of the people.  In contrast, Teng’s songs mildly cheerful, and Tiger Huang songs deep sadness.To show the style of women of different ages.No wonder the Han palace when going folk song collection, best original song in the depths of the most natural, and I want a woman mining poetry collection of songs in the natural landscape in.Read of the sea for the sea, I have a sense of longing, but never close, this trip is to see the sea from.Get off at the city of Shenyang is already 5:30 pm, the sky began to darken, a trace of cold air, I can not help but wrapped in his coat, it seems only tomorrow morning to see the sea.  The next morning, I got up early, to sit for more than an hour before the bus arrived in Qingdao May Fourth Square.When I saw the building that is far indicate the line when “May the wind”, is the passion that instant the flame lit, I saw a figure of 1919 by mid-May Fourth Movement Literature held up the bloody “Give me my Qingdao ‘,’ abolition twenty-one ‘scene, though decades have passed, but I think each of the people through here will not forget the year that surging patriotism.  Through a road, and finally reach the beach.Although it is late autumn, there are still many people take off shoes, barefoot standing on the beach, any waves kissing the foot.Although I love the sea, but just walking on the beach watching from afar.At the moment of soothing ocean in the sun like a gentle girl, no wind, sparkling in, you can faint while several boats in the distance and saw several small islands.  People on the beach bent over looking for something, and I quickly joined the search team, but because the beach people, just picked up some broken bits of shells, mostly only half shells, lost slightly between heart.Surprise fall in love inadvertently.I accidentally picked up in a beach full of shells, opened it, wrapped inside a little crab, I quickly got a bottle coming down half a bottle of water, placed inside the small crabs.From time to time through the transparent bottle looking at this little life from the ocean, I still feel some little selfish, it will be put into such a small environment from the vast environment, deprived of liberty little life.  Come to shore, overlooking the stall, I saw the towering left-hand side can be the Olympic torch, although the Olympics is over, but do not have the spirit of old, let it continue to follow the torch in the national soul force.Windy, Weifang kite string of great, full sky, truly beautiful, heart with their Pianfei No surprise, people love the sea, the original is everyone’s minds deepest love freedom, love a blue sky as a kite.  Standing on the shore, thoughts lightly, since ancient times, how many people want to be ahead in the distance across the ocean, the emperor wanted to seek long life, sent into the sea seeking the elixir of life; Gan Ying into the sea, but the smell of offshore wind and waves mad, gave up the desire ambassador to the West; Jianzhen Dongdu seven seas, blind, Tang civilization will spread far and wide Quartet.Ocean, give us reverie; oceans, let’s sense of longing; ocean, with its wide, to accommodate the world’s frustration.  I fell in love with the sea, fell in love with a generous feelings.