Autumn whisper

Part One: autumn whisper schizophrenia, most people start at this time uncertain. – User Tutu, then netizens Figure, said: “Another early autumn damp rainy night.I disliked season.Each can.In all this time, more like a man quietly examine their souls.”Quietly examine their souls, like a beetle, lying in the trees, give the first look, a look expanse of the night, the sky is layer after layer of silver mantle, covered the Fimbristylis.In the solitude of the mountains, in a quiet village, alone and lonely soul, left the world just like, like, rustled fly, that is how pale and dignified ah!  For the first full moon, cold Seiki, and heteroaryl of traffic noise is not mound.Lights on the market, swaying staggering, as is messy mind Unnecessary.In the vast Void, except that a lack of air out of the heart.  Think of that month of that year, the Yangtze River in Warsaw, a large silver platter full moon, hanging in the Autumn, a Yang Yang of the river, down the river is a small barge hull vessels, was broken sparkling, misty smoke.There are countless dreams, young people are about to go our separate ways a group, condensed into a knot, look forward to staying youthful knot York.Yixing Trent fly, high praise the “Spring tide with sea level, sea moon tide students.Yan Yan with wave thousands of miles, where the Spring River next month free?.”Rhyme that three sigh, how full of pride ah.Tonight, I do not know that a group of students recite the face of Autumn, holding three thousand white hair, almost a sense of what?  Think of that year that month, standing in front of DONGPOCHIBI, while the front and rear high-Yin “Red Cliff”, while imagining “Xu breeze, torpid,” “White Dew Hengjiang, amidst take days,” the mood, that the piper the guests, in a reed boat on the river, when the high-pitched Han Yan soaring, but plaintive crooning, little swirls are graceful and heroic Song.”Higashiyama moon roof, hovering between buffaloes” silent light, according to the ink Dai mountains, as benefactor huaiyuan, like women complain Gui isolated, sway leisurely touched when a person adversity.  Think of that month of that year, after years of dwelling in the backcountry, pause thoughts, sluggish in a block of quartzite.How many times have Talang nine months Mule Mountain, and wandering around the village of apricot haze.Listen Tou Nagareizumi, heart murmur without a break and not strength, watching the wind blows from all sides, while the body like clouds hovering withered lotus.Flowers and a tree in the world, half-crazy half-insane half scholar.  Think of that year that month, Xichuang Brightmoon, dipped in wine poetry.Intrinsic poor autumn Luo Ji, listen to the geese scream sorrow.The mood shaking off Shusei inaudible.As always with Shaohua Sibo, rain suction absolutely no time.  Think of that year that month, muddy feel crazy dream, pillow mountain listen Qiuchan month, Liu Xia, such as drunk sunny; remember that month of that year, Gean bloom chrysanthemum has been disabled, shortage of water actually hang around the beaches, night is young bear sleep.  Think of that month of that year, the passage of youth, leaving a place Canmeng; will decline, and to eliminate sentimental; ideal mound is gone, drifting ice valley; perception slack, confused in the turbid; emptiness of their lives, and weakness in the fall; thoughts dried up, talent into deadwood, future loss, eyes full of purgatory; moral decadence, and spread lies are July Falling Star.  When not drunk, how many did not get out of the way to go, how many heart epiphany is not awakening, how many try not to take the pace, how many did not stick to the barricaded conscience, how many drunk, waking unconscious, should not tangle tangled scenery, indulgence should not indulge in dirty, how many of the fly and choose fall!  When we are sad chill of autumn, forget the clear sky; when we stroked a ground leaves, fruits invisible on the branches; when we overlook the desolation, enjoy less than “clear sky Yihe”; when we cleaned the wound of the soul when, after the experience of the resurrection of less than death; when we folded wings, extinguished desires, got into the cage to humble mind, tame behaved, forgotten faithful heart, forgotten back to green to red, forget the deep-seated pain after transforms.Everything clumsy pursuit of all wild run, muttering all the development, stagnation deliberately wild ravines!  That sharp, of crude, the vast, open, agile and brave, strong airflow autumn Chun words can not describe everything, ah, ah rebellious air, gushing like a flame, unafraid of punishment days, like being hungry and also to catch up with parched alive tortured shadow of braggadocio.Just tonight, both head loss, dry Qi also hold it?Braggadocio is dead, it is still the soul?    Part II: autumn whisper is doomed to a sleepless night.  Trying to sleep, unable to do so.Brain is still in the excited state.Blowing cool wind blowing from the window, also swept into the small courtyard Qiuchong Murmur.Just a little thought a while, then get up lighting, exhibition hold a pen paper.This is the harvest season.  To the age I think of writing a book.Chuaizhe the intention, was to experience life in public Zhangjiachuan Hui Gansu, Linxia two places, I really need to be familiar intrinsic national spirit.In order to sharpen thinking, such as washing their minds forever moist fresh.Nightlife net open this spring to write “Green Flag” Before, specially made for his bath is pure aspiration for the.Net body just complete, Emmanuel began bright beautiful vibrant and lively splash up.Secretly vowed: Be sure to catch this beautiful bright Emmanuel, the gift of good readers.Today, no, last night, the sound of the Maghrib’s state song, I, is completing the last few lines of text, like thoughts throughout the writing process is the same as Emmanuel traction, the excitement.Did faint after week, trying to make Chen Ning mind down, like a parade solemnly re-reading focus in this mid-sized book “Green Flag” in the text of more than ten million soldiers.In the dead of the night.  Silently read through the last word, they find that they want to capture the aura is still in the depths of distant shining thought her beautiful and bright.She is still waiting for me to go and call capture.For read sound Although appressed on white writing paper, still beautiful butterfly.And she did not stop flapping its wings.Consequent, longing still struggle still abuzz.  Had intended to complete the manuscript by two months, due to various tedious chores, inserted into the middle of writing the cross-link humble publication of “Xiao Yin set,” a book, in addition to quite a few more consumption of spirit, but must apply Evans affairs, so the plan was postponed for two months.I know, “Green Flag” does not entirely word meaning, but I did my best.If the reader can feel a little harvest, I will be very pleased.So, finishing the manuscript together to close the pen Zikr: known sense of pride Creator!  In a letter to a friend in spoken: writing, writing, people were emaciated that end consumer, but has no regrets.Very utilitarian purpose abhorred some shallow, alas!But why say this number?Qingzheziqing, muddy those from the cloud.Character was written out of their own.If we could talk about someone else’s life, then, it is better to die earlier.  Autumn whisper, all cause insomnia.Some people really want to provoke resentment, then curse despicable deception and faint confused right.  The day before dawn on the occasion, I end this article.Yes, beautiful bright belief Emmanuel always shine, I want the truth to make tireless recourse under her guidance.     Part Three: Mom whisper autumn, in recent days, I often wake up at night, wake up instantly produces an illusion, as if I, or sleeping on your side of the former fat girl, hug you, smell your body a touch of frankincense, kicking off asleep when you quilt cover for me, and would not wake up and open my eyes, waiting for your gentle whisper call and carefully put aside for my forehead bangs warm and hot hand.Such a situation is still my night appear every day, but this time for me to play the role of mother, sleeping on my side is another will also review Endearment girl smiled years later in the night Today, she does not understand that memory is also an asset, guarding the side of the mother is a blessing, she cares about is whether a good her English class representatives and forget wearing red will not be deducted teacher red star.The difference is that she and I never kicking quilt, do not like to be kissed by his mother, so different, like a stubborn resistance against this emotional attachment, so different, let me clearly aware, she is not the year I , connect you and me her mysterious blood, you and I distinguish her different qualities.  In fact, my mother, breezy night this season, Qiuchong whisper, bright, laurel fragrance, I should not wake up more frequently should awake to relive childhood scene curtain, but I can not resist it as tide thoughts – your hometown north of childhood, of a thousand miles away.That was my day whenever after hard work and fatigue life of consolation final, missing also has the power, it is in the dark of night to sober me more powerful than the sleep support.This time, I can do anything big Shenghuan you – my mother ah, I miss you, I can do back in my children miss indulge in joyous cry of laughter and shouting freedom breathing.I am also afraid of the dark as before, the night is always on a bathroom light; afraid of insects, worms eat apples to see when I was screaming throw it out; cold, winter blanket to warm the before it agrees to drilling; painlessly, a slight trace of the pain in his mouth to catch a lot of drugs.All of these are your mind from childhood pampered pet small children still, and you, he was gone I hurried pace fell behind, that is automobiles, trains, aircraft carrier away from the cycle of seasons and the time to pull away ah, how can a few wrinkles and gray hair so clear head on your face.  I miss you, Mom.But you never talk about.Even into the phone’s microphone, but most wanted to say that hard to say, you had to wake up in the past for me to sing songs in the night – light wind, child next month, leaves cover the window frames.Upon a star, to the moon, facing the full aroma of autumn, sing out.If you can hear, as if you are sleeping next to me baby.  Today, many smiled job, she kept a nap Keep writing keep asking me: “Mom, This question is asked what throttle What this holiday season, you know?”I do not blame her, as usual, did not take attendance, but patiently told her – Autumn is the best season of the year, this season there is the autumnal equinox solar terms, as well as the beginning of autumn frost.And this holiday season, most people’s attention is the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.This year’s Mid-Autumn Day attached to it!I remember the river into the thoughts of the children answer questions when the children do not know a lot of behind the festival carries a lot of emotion and story, she only care about the standard answer and the teacher of one hundred points.She will not wake up at night, midnight moon belongs to her mother and I were I miss my mom – her grandmother.  Mom, I have a lot of words to say to you, I want to buy a set with a garden can grow vegetables and flowers to the house to pick you live; you want to scratch yours when you take a bath; you want hair dyeing method; you want to end hot pot of foot-washing water; I want to do braised saury recently learned to do for you; want to hold your arm a walk in Green Park; you want to buy something you ashamed to wear out of the red sweater.I kept thinking, thinking, I not only want to be your child’s past, but also want to be your mother, I like you as a pet and pamper baby.What can Mom?  Mom, when I grew up learning and recitation, you rarely at my side, then bent over in the fields of your hard work, you do not know the field is a poem.Today, smiled in third grade, I almost hear her every a text unlimited leisure, she had just learned the lesson is – the fall of the Great Northern Wilderness, the text is describing my hometown – September, when the first piece when the leaves fall, the fall also came to the Great Northern Wilderness.Girl smiled calmly at the window reading her text, she did not know, she’s my mom.She will be in the upcoming sweet sleep the night woke up, walked into her article, enjoy the thoughts of home and tell mom.    Part Four: autumn whisper is a normal night, I really like being able to calm enjoy every day, as long as a person is safe and healthy, what could be more affluent than this it.Full of desire eyes blink flash in the sky, persistent stare guarding the heart, never remove the life in Nama touch of warmth and deep memory.  If his sad life, why his heart also enrich the power of life, full of warm and true feelings, I know that trust due to a life of faith and life.Life is a need to hone, and it is long.During the long journey of life, constantly hone in, I know the meaning of life a meaning of life, and that is good man, and I know the meaning of love and care, and that is the desire of nothing love, caring people at heart that is full of strength to survive.  Autumn night seems to be darker than some of the summer, through the night, you can vaguely see the silhouette walking.I do not know, under the sun so many people are busy with something, perhaps they are in order to protect themselves and their family members living and ensue it!.Had the slightest breeze blowing around, giving a hint and fresh feeling, people feel a natural simplicity, a simple melody of life, enough to make people feel better this night of the Mid-Autumn Festival.  I, after decades of life experience, though not as rich as other people do experience, but I already know that life is the most precious thing is not deliberately going to have it all, but rather as the pursuit of a from each other liability or to pay other people have assumed this responsibility will be accompanied by his life.  In this extraordinary every day, I have nothing else, just quietly and do all the work with colleagues within the department.Look up at the sky at night, I could not help but think of the four female colleagues within the department, bits and pieces of the past to make their own within a grateful heart, took a heart of gratitude from the bottom.I sincerely thank my four female colleagues, thank them come with me, gone through six years of time, precisely because of their tacit understanding, I can go smoothly today.They are different characters, the company has not had the time, but for their own work is so due diligence, work with them together often make their own happy endless.I know that he is a man with many flaws, I also know that he has not young, but I pursue dull life change, I am willing to give their lives to stick to the kind of spiritual calm, expressing a kind gratitude.  My life, if not the flowers bloom, but I have always believed that as long as their unremitting efforts, we will be able to live a life like any other man bursting out with a little glory, I did it.In recent years due to concerns of company leaders and colleagues, support and help, my life value and value of the work it has been well represented, which makes them feel very proud.Although I am the person is not how, but within their own hearts, but also has an up to beauty, goodness, responsibility towards the heart, in their own lives, but also engraved with the mark of trust and trusted.All this will help along your own future.  The night was very dark time in the past been unable at this time plus the color of the night blackness.When people think of a time also flies, the time will soon point to ten o’clock, I rest, and the farewell this thick darkness, back to bed ready to do a good dream it.    Part Five: autumn whisper I suddenly afraid with autumn, as the perishable flowers, said the summer’s anxious, I fear his writings did not dare to leave their footprints, however, Falling pine needles, red maple cry, as if Fighting sunset off said call Chu.  I had to fear these times, from the Mosuo I have bald forehead, bald ridge facing some tears will face Bay, I know, in my life time and thus into the autumn, has lost a brilliant flowers, summer passion, my mind waves have subsided, in a silent red maple in blood.Autumn is so silently eroding my body, as if I have old bones become tougher, the wind just winter outpost, I was doing Feng’s cold, I am going to burn the blood, of a pot blood, splashed mountains and rivers, leaving most burning strong landscape.  Perhaps no one understands me the autumn, but I deeply autumn seasons residual perception of life, I have some admiration for the chrysanthemum, it is not bright, and bright yellow to full bloom mountain, I do not know its philosophy, and comprehend Chu “my flowers bloom to kill” the unique scenery, the Double Ninth Festival’s days I can not write poetry, the language of fear of these poems I never woke up old dreams.  Early, I went in Rochester, where the red Yezheng Yan said the photographer, when I went there only to find red maple is also being hidden, they are flickering, while Lu Chu lush spring, while half-smile Fei eyelid I touch the head every now and then looking up calling cloud, or Akiba understand the will of man, why autumn early entry, perhaps, this is what I look forward to late autumn right Shu is not the case, autumn has really come, let it come I can not believe, mother told me over the phone is already picking tea seed time, and there are exposed pumpkin yellow, I’m somewhat at a loss in amazement and said what the fall of the walls covered with gourd, loofah foot the long, yet be tender, especially the hardy life loofah, while growth while flowering, those children carrying a bag of crazy mess, the children love flowers, partial to pick, who knows bee bite build ho was badly battered, madman Sao holding Jian-hao came to my mother, she cried and nose, said: “They do not loofah flowering, but why third brother on the walls of the gourd family flower is brilliant?”Mother told me on the phone:” children Yeah, this big mess Shi, which bees encounter crazy this thing supposed to die, “I said:” Mother, you are old, out of this Shi, flowers and good Shi , is popular with children around the turn, I hit back and see tomorrow. “.  Put down the phone I gazed month of heaven, tonight some coolness, like those still open are still stubbornly loofah flower dress with scenery on my walls, Ding Xiangzai mother on the fence should be red, Ding Xiangzai astringent mouth, think of it is somewhat frightening, it is smaller than the persimmon, if not cooked, eat it, blocking the intestine, fool that do not toe the middle of the night to steal half a bag, the result, when classes stomach pain and roll in the classroom, the teacher sent him to the hospital , and filled him Mr. Zhang did not relax the intestines, middle of the night with a small bench fool father wrecked his spirit shook like the next day, school children all know can not eat undercooked Ding Xiangzai, students also asked sarcastically fool: “Does it hurt you?”Fool grinning said:” The pain, the pain is more Andie play.”I go back, this time, I think Jian-hao of embarrassed pain, I think Ding Xiangzai mother on the fence, perhaps, jokes Ridge hawthorn should be red, and I believe that Maple Leaf Maple Ridge is also lush with.  I only hope that this fall will be late Nana.