Can you take off the order in may 2019?

By May, many single dog will be stirring again.. Because in the blink of an eye, a year is half past again.. If you don’t work hard, the time is really close to scary, and it will be even harder to find someone when you are one year older.. Can you take off your order in may 2019? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s be a Questions together.!   Will you be desperate for stockpile in inside at this time of the season??   A, sure, b, very likely, c, very likely, d, definitely not testing the answer: a, you can definitely take off your order in may, and you will definitely take off your order in may, because you can no longer stand your single status.. You will actively look for the objects you like, not only that, but also you will ask your family and friends around you to help introduce them to you.. So with everyone’s joint efforts, you will be able to take off the order smoothly..   B, you are likely to take off the list in may. you are a sunny person. when you contact with others, you are always more familiar with yourself.. Even if it is a blind date, you are communicating with the other person with the attitude of making friends. Therefore, you will not be identified at all. It will make people feel particularly comfortable to get along with each other. Therefore, you are more likely to take off the list..   C, you are very likely to take off your orders in may. your chances of taking off your orders in may are relatively small, because you are not very good at expressing yourself, so you are a very quiet and introverted person in front of others.. People cannot see through you, and you are not willing to show yourself.. Therefore, other people will naturally not want to be close to you, and you will find it very difficult to find someone..   D. You will never take off the list in May. You will not change anything this May, or will you be the only one in single dog?. Just because you don’t have any sense of urgency, on the contrary, you find it annoying to find someone, and you enjoy your current single life very much.. One more person you think will disturb your life rhythm, so you fear looking for someone, and you will still be single..