Lin Yueyao a bit cramped, but fortunately after a few months of training, and next to appease brokers, Lin Yueyao not the year that shy little girl anymore, but able to work independently draft goddess.

  We did not feel anything, just thought Lin Yueyao may be some tension, after all, here are some of the business elite.
  After Hu Dongliang Lin Yueyao see, the eyes are slightly brighter, and really almost the same on television, very beautiful, very Xian Qi, or even heart Yu Mo and the comparable.
  Just Linyue Yao is a public figure, the goddess of the draft, giving the look of a desire to conquer.
  ”Miss Lin Hello, Nice to meet you, my name is Hu Dongliang, my father Hu three.”
  Hu Dongliang handed over a business card, Lin Yueyao both hands, revealing a polite smile, “it was Hu Gongzi, heard a lot.”
  Before coming to Lin Yueyao know Hu Dongliang what people know his father Hu three who it is, as entertainment singer a fledgling, Lin Yueyao in addition to brokerage firms do not have any background, and if this time able to contact Hu three words but also pave the way for the future look promising.
  Lin Yueyao of Hudong Liang responded with polite