It made her look at him: “Do not forget, you are my wife Soong.”

“This is not the whole thing did not etiquette!”Moreover, Yao Ji nor are they genuinely want to marry her, not even the bridal chamber, originally just a couple mutual affection face of it!
Yao Ji Mouguang contracted somewhat complicated, somewhat faint faint flashes of green, gently lift the lip lift, looking down at her: “So you mean we have to put the bridal chamber thing to do?Otherwise, the name is not correct words ring true, I really did not seem right that you manifold.”

I believe Chapter 016

Jiang Chu scared hastily shook his head: “No, no, I mean, although we did not do the wedding, but we are husband and wife mutual affection that is unparalleled!Dear husband, I think this world except you, and nothing that other people have qualified to control me!”
Ji Yao lips evoke a touch of shallow smile, let go of the pinched her chin in hand, two large holding her little face: “You’re telling the truth or, compiled nonsense worth mentioning, I believe you have to believe, in this life can only be written to.”
Jiang Chu heart thumped, looking for a stiff, I do not know why