Cooperation on behalf of professional film, it is necessary to move.

  Girls laughed, “line.While guaranteed to give you photograph Mei Mei.”
  Sheng Qiao also chat with the girls, do not know the news of her “walk the red carpet” has been crazy pass on the network.Figure fans photographed one by one publication, though it is night, blurred picture, no matter from which angle can, her posture and facial features are pretty conceal.
  No more than a moment, scheduling hurried toward her the way, “Sheng Joe, the next one is you, please come with me.”
  Other artists are car directly to the red carpet entrance, this little bit of trouble Sheng Joe.Scheduling led her to bypass the fans and the media district, and finally to the entrance.
  In front of the host: “The next onto the red carpet is to bring the” Golden Age Chang’an “comes Sheng Joe, let us welcome her arrival.”
  And lens focus the light past.
  She set foot on the red carpet, sections from wrist ribbons flying, all the stars tonight, falls on her.
  This is the termination event, Sheng Joe for the first time in public appearances.
  Her body did not see the negative impact of the termination.
  Termination like she Yuhuachengxian opportunity, once in front of the media are careful with laughter beautiful girl, at the moment like falling into mortal fairy, every step, are stepping tears once alone in the dark, swallow.
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