Almost to jump, but was Zhou Zheng Qu firmly over: “Why is she a big girl afraid of the night, dare to come to the corridor?Why is she a big girl afraid of the night, a man dare to go out and find people?Because she was the murderer ah, yes she killed the high ground, the Philippine wonderful, wonderful Philippine she must have been killed!”

  ”You calm down!”Listen to her getting into a weird, Wang Dayan finally did not go, shouted.
  Yang Lan was such a roar about him started to cry, and is wronged is sorry to see Wang Dayan breath choking in the chest, can only swallow strong, emotional comfort brewing again: “Yang Lan, you ask yourself, if true sister week the murderer, she can not go out, so when we first went out to solve lethargic Philippine wonderful, and then address the high ground.She did not need to go out left us so much a flaw ah.”
  ”No, you are partial to her, the Philippines wonderful right, both of you a favor she!”Yang Lan did not listen into him, while crying while stomping.
  Zhou Yu case of watching this farce, my heart is not that anger is wrong, but they feel absurd and ridiculous.
  ”Anyway, I am not a murderer, you believe it or love it.”Last night ran a night, she is not not tired, so much so one after found a corner to sit, not