Eyes light up, stand up and quickly occupied the top position dual process, squint and smile: “I am interesting.”

Chapter 111
  Toss finished on the carpet it is already very late.
  They head next to head, lying silent for a moment on the carpet.Instant, Mu child star to take rub rub her head: “bath it?”
  Cheng also recall that double side off the field hilarious lingering, slow response to some.
  Hand injury reason, lingering in her looks bloated, double drive not satisfied.
  In the past, led by the star is not without sex, but she always multiply fed back, after all, on this physical thing, or she prevailed.
  May be a right hand injury, she is completely trampled upon state.
  After the stars set off a burst of wild waves, she naturally wanted to hug and kiss her, even further, who knows not the action, it was smart to escape the stars.
  Her voice sounded playful, angry and funny: “I do not bully injured.”
  Cheng double tentatively approaches her several times, she does not escape again and said that the final has been eating dry wipe once.
  Kept saying do not bully injured, but give her a strong mental and physical double whammy, double drive slow for a long time have been lying up.
  Mu child star does not see double drive squeak