He’s dangerous, Chinese fire brigade brother is very professional, speed and mobility are the best.

  Chen then diving and Chakun quickly evacuated, and seriously injured Gokseong also been sent to the hospital.
  Chen originally wanted to ask Gokseong diving out of his mouth what kind of person he wants to do life, the result is now less than the asking.
  Leaving Chen diving worried that the police will be involved in the investigation, if Gokseong blamed, said he was wounded Chakun burglary, the police will inevitably be wanted Chakun.
  By the time Chakun this identity in the face of the police is absolutely no point advantage.
  As a result, Chakun will certainly be in trouble.
  And Chen diving to Chakun stay to help him, his side there is a upright Su Ching, Ching Su Chen how could permit diving secretly harboring a wanted man it.
  So anyway, Chen diving must find a way to change that.
  He quickly contacted all day mirage hospital emergency room, the judge was sent to the hospital Gokseong.
  When Chen diving and Chakun go to the hospital, the police who had surrounded the emergency room to the.
  Chen diving really have no idea there any way to change the status quo, we can only find a way out Chakun first day mirage.
  But when Chen made this decision diving, emergency room doctors came out, on-site police announced a message.