[Drinking too much beer can cause heavy moisture]_Beer_Wet moisture_Cause

[Drinking too much beer can cause heavy moisture]_Beer_Wet moisture_Cause

Because it is a kind of fat and thick and greasy things, it will cause moisture in the body. Generally, moisture will be manifested in the symptoms of muscle soreness, thick tongue coating, heavy head, and numbness in the limbs. People with heavy moisture can usually pass through.Condition your diet, some kinds of barley, winter melon, papaya and other foods have a dehumidifying effect.

People with heavy moisture can also choose cupping or moxibustion to remove moisture from the body.

1. It is recommended to quit drinking.

Humidity usually results in a feeling of weight like a package, limbs are numb, muscles are sore and tired, appetite is low, food is loose, the valley is not melted, the mouth is sticky, and the tongue is thick and so on.

Suggestions: People with heavy moisture can eat some peppers to sweat, and the spleen is the most susceptible to wetness, so it can replace barley, Poria, Alisma, winter melon, and Zhishi to dampen the spleen.

In addition, people with heavy moisture should think less and think more about the spleen.

Eat cold drinks often.

You can choose cupping moxibustion dehumidification in summer.

2. Alcoholic beverages are fat, thick, and greasy, which can easily lead to dampness and heat in the body or damp-heat syndrome. Generally, damp-heat in the spleen and stomach may cause obvious abdominal distension, abdominal pain, nausea, anorexia, and diarrhea.

Accompanied by white fur, yellow hair and thick greasy tongue coating.

Suggestions: It is recommended to use dehumidification and heat medications, such as Atractylodes, Cork, Coix Seed, Papaya, Magnolia, Chenpi, Amomum and other drugs that have a certain effect.